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Google Ads Update on Gadsaccounts due to Russia War

12 March Update: This post is valid only for Russian accounts On 10 March 2022 Google Ads posted the following update: As part of our recent suspension of ads in Russia, we will also pause ads on Google properties and networks globally for advertisers based in Russia. We have tested multiple accounts and all […]

Five methods to optimize your Google Ads App Campaigns

Google Ads App Campaigns are one of the best methods to reach new users with your mobile app. What makes Google Ads App Campaigns special is that you can surface your mobile application ads across search, Gmail, Google Display Network, YouTube, Google Play Store – making Google AC a flagship component of any mobile app […]

Google Video Ads – How to run Google videos ads for your Business?

When most people hear about Google ads, their primary thoughts instantly jump to the conventional search advertisement that’ll be displayed at the top of the consumer’s results pages. These are, without any doubt, a crucial part of Google ads. Google display ads, though, are also a vital part of the Google ads, though they do […]

How To Create a High-Quality Landing Page for Google Ads

Are you looking to create a high-quality landing page for Google ads, but you are not sure where to get started? Google ads account is one of the best marketing platforms at your disposal. You can start immediately; you just need to buy a Google ads account. It permits you to reach a huge audience […]

How to write efficient ads in Google Ads?

If you are struggling to write and copy in Goodge ads account or are not sure where to start, you are not alone. Writing compelling Pay-per-click ads can be a challenge. Though, there’re some simple steps you can take to help you create engaging ads after buy Google ads accounts that generate results for your […]

Google Shopping Ads – Benefits and Tips for Efficient Google Shopping Ads

Google search engine receives more than 62,000 searches each second on any given day. Pretty great, right! Of course, the range of niches searched for is enormous, but part of its coming consumers looking to buy a specific product. After searching for the service or product, these people will come across the Google shopping ads […]

Google Ads Ad Rank – Tips to Optimize Ads For Best Possible Results

So, we have all seen advertisements appearing in Google search, served through Google Ads, but how does the platform determine which order to show ads with a SERP? It is not simple as you might think! Google utilizes a formula called Google Ad Rank which ultimately decides which position advertisements will show in. So let […]