terms of use

Last Updated: 12 March 2022

Very important thing before you buy any services from us:

We only provide a working Google Ads account with the possibility to add funds anytime and run campaigns worldwide.

Accounts are working 100% since the Google Ads account will have a running campaign in order to verify that it’s fully active prior to send it to you. You can pause that campaign or remove it.

We do not provide any support or tips to run campaigns. It is totally up to you what campaigns you run and if they get approved or not.

Make sure to check our Tutorials and Latest Updates.


  • We only accept Bitcoin Payments


  • All accounts are prepaid – you must add funds to the account in order to run campaigns
  • Funds can be added through our website


  • Deposit fee is 10%
  • Any change made to the payment method that is already on the account will waive any kind of support from us and you will not be able to add funds on our site on that account.
  • Funds can be added Daily 11 – 21 UTC+2
  • Minimum deposit is 25 USD.


  • New Accounts – 3 Days
  • Add Funds –  Max 1 Day ( Usually within 1h during work hours )


If during a 30 day period there is no activity on your account (Suspended, Add Funds or Campaigns running ) the account is considered INACTIVE and will be deleted.


  • These accounts have cards attached that can accept refunds.
  • Refund fee to bitcoin address is 25% of the amount
  • Google sends refunds within 14 days since the account was cancelled
  • To process your refund contact us


We do not offer any refunds to your bitcoin address since the accounts have a running campaign which shows the Google Ads account provided works 100%.

  • Funds you add on Google Ads website can’t be withdrawn or refunded since the cards we use do not accept refunds.